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Using Stress & Difficulty to Increase Resiliency & Positivity

Are you stressed out? Does your life feel overwhelming?  Or does it just feel like life is out of balance?  Sometimes our lives can feel difficult, and sometimes very difficult things happen to us so that it can feel like it is hard to get perspective.  And with the recent violent events nationally (i.e., Las Vegas, New York City, etc.) and natural disasters such as Hurricane Irma, H... Read more

Published: 12/05/17

Is Anger a productive emotion or not?

We are currently surrounded in America by much divisiveness, conflict and turmoil. Many of the issues we are hearing about can cause anger to arise within us.  But is this anger helpful or not?
Anger is helpful in that it helps us know what we care about and sometimes indicates that an injustice has been done. It can provide us with the energy to stand up to that injustice.  However, it ... Read more

Published: 01/31/17

Resiliency: Increasing your ability to deal with stress through challenging your thoughts

Recently, I found the deeper truth “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” coming to me. There is a lot of stress that impacts us around this time of year, with the beginning of the new year and resolutions and intentions, the election results and division/conflict around that, and other seasonal stress and then the usual things that can create stress, such as family conflict, being... Read more

Published: 01/18/17

Conflict Resolution Speaking Your Truth

Practicing healthy conflict resolution skills helps in all areas of our lives... Read more

Published: 09/20/16

A Mother's Role

As I sit here this afternoon, I am reflecting on the role I have as a Mom... Read more

Published: 09/20/16