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Leaders & Teams

Leadership and Team Services:


Individual Leadership Assessment and Skill Development

Leadership Challenge:

Redirections’ coaches provide the tools and skill practice that enable individual leaders seeking growth to expand their leadership skills.  Below are just a few of the leadership challenges facing those we coach:

These are just a few examples of leaders who have hired Redirections to help them be successful. Redirections, Inc. has a track record of helping leaders meet these and other challenges successfully.

Assessment Process:

To enable leaders to meet challenges, we start by assessing the leader to get a baseline of current skills, personality and interests.  Assessments commonly used for this step in the process include:

Development Process:


Succession Planning Candidate Development Program

Presenting Issue:  How to ensure bench strength in the organization (leaders have skills for the next level)

Our Redirections’ coaches have worked with many organizations to develop the skills of those who have been nominated for succession planning programs.  On the job training or shadowing of the next level leader is not enough; each individual has a set of skills in their current position which often does not prepare them for the next level.  We work with leaders to specifically develop the skills needed for the next position.

Assessment Process:

We start with an assessment process including:

 This data is then compared to what is needed for the current leadership level and next level of leadership, identifying skill gaps. 

Development Process

A customized development program is then developed.  The succession planning leader works with our coaches to use various reflections and practices designed to create change:

Our approach is unique:


Intervention Services for the Troubled Executive

Redirections, Inc. offers Intervention Services for the Troubled Executive. We consistently receive requests to assist with the development of senior executives that are successful in many ways yet are demonstrating some key problems that need to be resolved for continued success. These are people that the company really wants to keep. There is a range of presenting problems. 

Redirections, Inc. coaches use assessments and coaching to help the person learn new skills and increase motivation to change. 

Assessment Process:

In the case where the executive is derailing, it is especially helpful to use skill assessments including:

It becomes clear through these assessments whether the issue is skill, will, or a combination. 

 Development Process:

A creative, customized program is then developed to specifically address issues and motivate the desire to change what is blocking success.  What is unique about this process is that the development process uniquely targets what might be creating the situation, including working to resolve organizational issues, and ways of helping the person take on change where they were not ready to do so.


Multi-rater Development Coaching (customized)

Redirections, Inc. features a proprietary Multi-Rater based Executive Development System (EDS). This system has a unique combination of tools and services that drives leadership development and improved business results.

We customize the Multi-Rater instrument to fit your leadership model. Your business is unique and an off the shelf instrument will be a poor fit.  Assessing your leaders based on specific qualities and skills needed to be successful in your business is critical.  We work with our various 360 vendors to create an assessment that meets your needs.

Team Collaboration and Conflict Resolution

Presenting Issue/Leadership Challenge:  Low Performing Team/Increased Conflict

In contrast, high performing team management practices provide 30-50% greater returns to the company. Creating and sustaining high performing teams may be one of the most powerful ways to leverage your return on your resources.

Our High Performing Team Building process is aimed at all levels of leadership.  We have helped collaboration and team performance for call center teams at all levels of leadership, sales teams, marketing teams, IT teams and a variety of other kinds, from supervisor level to the highest level in the organization.

Assessment Process:

We start with an assessment process, including some or all of the following assessments: 

Development Process:

 This data is then used to create a customized group session that increases skills and creates and implements solutions to address and optimize team dynamics and move the team toward high performance.

Follow up and follow through after the team session is critical to sustaining the group’s changes.  Redirections works with the team to ensure changes occur and continue, addressing what blocks execution and providing additional tools that facilitate change.


Mindfulness Coaching for Leaders

Presenting Issue/Leadership Challenge:  High Stress, Lack of Skillful Response in relationships, Lack of Focus, burnout, Lack of passion for Job, On auto-pilot in life and as a leader