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Client testimonials: Leaders and Team Services-Our proven impact

Business impact

"In today's fast paced, fiercely competitive business climate, the ability to select, develop, motivate and mobilize a high performing workforce has a direct impact upon our business success. The key business challenges facing the communications sector suggest a strong, concerted focus on leadership planning and development. Our sector continues to undergo carefully planned changes in virtually every aspect of our business keyed to achieving our goal of total customer satisfaction. For over a year, the Redirections, Inc. team has been an integral element in our strategy for achieving these objectives...your program is the PRIMARY vehicle for delivery!"
-Letter excerpt from the organization development senior vice president and director, Fortune 100 global manufacturing company 

"Your program and executive coaching services have been active for only for a short period of time, but already we are seeing tremendous change, especially across teams that must collaborate if we are to compete effectively."
-COO, global communications firm

An organization-wide need fulfilled

"You have an outstanding program. The executive coaching integrating the results with the EDS Feedback instrument was outstanding. It is a great process that I will endorse organization-wide."

-Executive director, human resources, telecom service provider

"I have been through multi-rater 360s many times, but never have the results interpretation and application been so enlightening. I now understand what each of my stakeholder groups need, and together we have worked out an effective plan to address them. You and your team have just the kind of experience that makes this effective."
-Executive vice president, customer service 

"I have been able to make significant changes in my behavior such that my team is more open and responsive to change than ever before. The use of the multi-rater 360 feedback tool and your coaching on an individual basis for myself and each member of my team has made the difference."
- Vice president, regional sales

"Your ability to quickly assess and understand my strengths, weaknesses and personal missions were impressive. As I add this multi-rater 360 review to the four others I have collected along the way, it is apparent this one will be the most useful and most referred to analysis. Thanks again for your personal involvement in my career."
- Vice president, marketing

Testimonials of Succession Planning Candidates in Mid-level Leadership at Technology/Telecommunications Company (Data Sales and Converged Solutions)

  1. I enjoyed the process and feel I have developed and improved my leadership skills as a result of this program. I want to personally thank you for your guidance and getting me to look at things in different ways and pushing me to grow in the process. 
  2. Thank you! It has been very exciting and I am learning a lot. I have used a lot of the tools you gave me and really enjoyed our time working together.  
  3. This was such an impactful experience, I can’t thank you enough for all of your guidance.
  4. “I was so impressed with how my redirections coach put my 360 feedback into perspective and into actionable pieces. My redirections coach was able to extract trends from my 360 feedback. This allowed me to focus on what I can do to be a better leader without getting hung up on one or two details of the feedback. My coach partnered with me on a realistic action plan that has been helpful. The skills I built have helped me be a better leader to my team!”
  5. “Thru the coaching sessions with Liesl I’m renewed and ready for the next opportunity within Verizon – physically, mentally, emotionally – I have the confidence to succeed at a high level”
  6. “This coaching has helped me in many different ways. It helped me to take risks professional and personally.”

A high performing leader finds and inspiration and motivation to increase capability & capacity

"Liesl’s coaching was invaluable. Like many of us, I’d reached a point in my career where I was seen as successful, a good leader of people, a positive team player and one who accomplished a lot through his team. At the same time, I was working longer hours than ever and not feeling very successful in life. Liesl, through our coaching sessions, exercises and thought provoking readings and videos, helped me see things from different perspectives. She also held me accountable for trying and practicing new ways. She was challenging and insightful, but also patient and understanding. I believe her coaching style and process will be a help to most leaders who desire to perform at a higher level at work and in life.The skills and concepts I learned and continue to practice will be invaluable for the rest of my career and in my life. 

-Vice President of Global Talent Management


Our clients for Leaders/Teams Services

Life Coaching Testimonials

"Liesl’s coaching worked very well. She seemed to intuit my needs so precisely and shift course quickly. She always had the right mix of sharing information with probing and asking questions. Our temperaments seemed well suited to each other. I felt trust almost immediately and valued her insights. I appreciated her ability to be tough with me at times, not letting me off the hook and keeping me to my word. She kept clear boundaries and yet revealed her own vulnerabilities and humanity which in turn helped me access my own."
- Former Senior Executive-financial industry and yoga teacher

"Liesl Piotti’s coaching gave me the tools and guidance I needed to mindfully and effectively embark on a significant personal and professional transition. I continue to follow the structure and lessons she provided and am grateful for both the insights I have received and for the newfound calm centeredness from which I now operate. Personal growth is no picnic, but working with Liesl allowed big shifts in my perspective and approach to happen quickly."
- Web Design company, President

"I met Liesl through a friend, and now she is my friend, too. My initial goals were fuzzy -- I had a good job that provided me a lot of freedom, and no obvious life crises that required urgent care.  Liesl and I worked together twice over the course of a year. The experience itself was enjoyable, rewarding, challenging, and fun. I work remotely from home, and working over Skype was easy and productive. I have worked with coaches before. Liesl is my favorite. Liesl is a compassionate but driven problem-solver who steps back from your challenges and creates a unique plan structured to your needs. She reaches way outside the box, if necessary.  Having worked with Liesl twice, I can tell you that she took two very different approaches to the issues presented.  In both cases, I came away feeling like I had gained profound insight into my own motivations (positive, and those ready to be discarded), career desires (beyond money), and need for inner growth and peace. A side note is that after more than 30 years of being a part-time meditator, I have finally integrated daily mediation into my life. I will work with Liesl again.  She is invaluable."
- Legal Consulting Company, President

"I live a fairly normal life as a working mom with two young kids.  I have what others likely perceive as a good life, and though all looks good on the surface, I did find myself feeling very stressed out, expressing impatience and being demanding to those around me. I came into the program just to try it out, see if there is some way to manage life's stresses better. And honestly, I was hoping that maybe my coach, Liesl would say it's not me, that it's normal or ok to feel stressed and to express that stress by demanding from others. What I experienced in a very short time transformed me. I was skeptical of the exercises she offered by she presented them so gently, asking me to play with them.  I tried them, and the ones that worked made me far more interested in trying them. Some did not work, and Liesl helped to modify them or suggest new exercises. What I love about the program is that we were not trying to analyze my past experiences and explore the pain to explain my reactions or why I am the way I am. I loved having concrete exercises that deal with the here and now. I am amazed that being mindful, letting go of expectations and the narrative have helped bring such a better sense of calm to my life. I still have the same stressful life but I don't feel as stressed, I am more able to be present, to appreciate the joys in my life. I cannot believe how even learning to breath deeply can help to my perception and my reaction to events--instead of reacting, I am now more often responding to a situation, and responding better than I used to. I would not have thought it was possible to have such a transformation had I not experienced it myself.  

Liesl is a fantastic coach, someone is who an excellent teacher, who saw my argumentative side (I was not always open to her suggestions) and who managed to so gently open my eyes through the breathing exercises and in the the way she presents ideas. I cannot think of a better person to have helped me in this process."
- (written by a San Francisco attorney-integral coaching client)

"My experience working with Liesl has been life-altering.  I had worked with her previously in an executive coaching program. But, the tools and perspective she brought to coaching me through the Integrative Coaching process made a huge difference for me.  Liesl was able to really deliver on the purpose to “integrate all aspects of your life and develop a powerful ability to live from a strong appreciation and love for others and for yourself.

Before I worked with Liesl in the integrative coaching, I was very driven, focused structured and goal-oriented.  Even my exercise routine was centered around specific goals.  Overall I was quite stressed out and physically spent.  Instead of just giving me tips and tools to apply techniques to my communication and interpersonal communication, Liesl gave me tools, recommendations and techniques to generate relaxation and stress relief for myself at any moment.  

Over the 10 coaching sessions with Liesl I became aware of my physical condition, alignment and structure for the first time in my life. By being aware, I was able to take proactive steps and actions to improve my overall well-being. I started to see how I held my body physically which reinforced being driven and goal-oriented. I was hardly ever quiet or meditative. Through my work with Liesl I started yoga and meditation which ultimately helped improve my stress levels, strength, flexibility and overall peace of mind. I notice now that I am able to apply techniques from yoga (like breathing deeply when I notice I am stressed, or taking deep, deliberate breaths while mentally focusing on a difficult situation where I feel stuck. And, the tools I have integrated into my life have become a way of life, not just another goal or project for me to accomplish.  

My personal and professional relationships have greatly improved as my level of peace and well-being have improved.  I am grateful for the opportunity and privilege that it was to work with Liesl through on this journey."
- (written by a female Senior Executive at a Telecom/Technology company)


"Redirections’ Mindfulness Program for Teens teaches some of the most fundamental human skills; kindness, awareness, collaboration, and compassion towards self and others. This program helps students learn how to increase their ability to focus, pay attention, and regulate emotion. It has become an important part of our school’s culture.  We value kindness and respect and as a result don’t experience bullying in our school.  This program supports this anti-bullying approach.  It gives students a vocabulary and tools for social and emotional learning which creates the kind of culture we want to maintain."
- (written by the principal of a small private middle school in Gulfport, FL)