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About Liesl Piotti

Liesl Piotti, MS Psychology

Founder of Inspire Results, Inc. 
President of Redirections, Inc.

Liesl has 18 years of experience as a leader for a high tech organization, advisor to executive leadership, consultant and coach in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, tourism, HR consulting, and Healthcare.  Liesl brings to her work a combination of depth and insight given her various roles and her accomplishments which span the areas of IT, human resources, research and development, organizational development, and psychometrics.  

As an internal corporate coach and external leadership coach:

Liesl joined Redirections, Inc. as their COO and Executive Coach based on all she learned in her previous positions and given her deep desire to create change in the world: to impact individuals, teams and organizations to grow personally and professionally.  Over the past several years of being a key player in Redirections, Inc., Liesl has: 

Most recently, Liesl has become President and Owner of Redirections, Inc.


How Liesl Works:

Liesl uses her intuition, empathy and ability to help clients uncover behavioral patterns that are working for them and also those blocking them. Using Liesl’s deep ability to listen to client’s challenges to be addressed in coaching, Liesl: 

Liesl is an excellent teacher and partner (and she also learns from you too). Creating change in our lives includes resistance to change because the status quo is comfortable. Liesl meets this resistance with compassion and also works with you to find what will help you individually grow in the way she presents new ideas. She makes you want to change. She has the ability to take a lot of detail from assessments and boil them down to what matters most, helping you have a life of meaning and purpose, contentment and joy.

Through this approach, clients are inspired to transform toward new possibilities and increase satisfaction.


Liesl has the following certifications:


Integral Coaching through New Ventures West

This approach to coaching builds individuals’ competence to face their life circumstances through the consideration of the full context of the person, including their emotional intelligence, their cognitive abilities, their history in various relationships in their lives, their environment, and ability to deal with technology and money. This approach allows Liesl to understand her clients with great depth and scope, converse in a way that opens up insights and possibilities, and offers a path forward. Successful coaching through this approach leaves people with the ability to self correct, competence in being self generating, and with long term excellence.

Mindfulness Coaching

This coaching helps individuals to reduce stress, increase emotional intelligence, and relate to others more skillfully.  

Coaching on the Body-Body language, your body as a source of wisdom, nonverbal communication